Not so common goals?

26 August 2007
Not so common goals?

There are associations that have been created to promote religious or
political agendas or to defend more "humanitarian" issues. Good causes are numerous, and the intentions admirable. But, as the saying goes, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions".

Attending the annual general assembly of one of these organizations recently was quite a revealing experience. What should have been a pleasant forum for stock-taking turned into a nasty squabble where people quarrelled like cats and dogs.

It seems that no matter how important the cause might be, nothing is as important as the ego and personal agenda of some participants. Is it more important to fight for the limelight than to fight for equal rights of education, for instance? [I am reminded of a famous dog show where one of the contestants was accused of giving a sedative to her rival’s champion dog. The dog show’s organizer commented afterwards: "People think that dog shows are about dogs; dog shows are about people!"]

People often tend to forget the reason why they are members of certain associations, or are awarded positions in civil society.

As long as there are human beings, this type of confrontation will continue. Some call it ambition; others call it self-promotion … or politics. No matter what it’s called, its justification nevertheless remains the same. Who is controlling what and to what extent!

What about the cause they are there to defend? What about the people who should be benefiting from the awareness-raising activities? Or the better living conditions that these organizations were supposed to bring? Who is thinking about them by the end of the day? No-one! And what is even worse, nobody seems to care. What about respect for others?

What about putting differences aside and working towards common goals? I just wonder…

So on this note, I wish you all a wonderful day.