Looking for unique eating experiences Come to Le Clocher in Annecy-le-Vieux, Haute-Savoie, France

11 February

Does Annecy le Vieux ring a bell? It is not the historical city of Annecy on the lake, as many people tend to believe, but rather one of Annecy’s quiet suburbs. For a some unknown reason, the gastronomes in the region seem to have all settled there, and now you have two restaurants with Micheline Stars, Claude Sens, and Felix. And as if this were not enough, in front of the Town Hall you find three excellent and more reasonably priced restaurants where the food is also excellent, Le Café Brunet, Le Clocher and Le Petit Prince.

The three above-mentioned restaurants are all located in the heart of Annecy-le-Vieux, a large part of which is classified as a historical monument. Of particular distinction is Le Clocher, which occupies the ground floor of a building over four centuries old. Taking its name from one of the most beautiful Romanesque-type historic monuments of the whole region – a bell tower dating from the 12th century – the restaurant Le Clocher benefits from a unique setting, with a terrace. Inside modernity and authenticity blend, the furniture with contemporary lines harmoniously alongside thick exposed stone walls.

Chef Benjamin Schwab’s cuisine evokes in all respects this exceptional heritage and cultural richness. In the kitchen since February 2018, he offers a menu that changes with the seasons, mainly made from local and fresh products. An outstanding wine list, particularly varied and adapted to all budgets, will enhance your meals in the most beautiful way.

Honored with several labels including those of "Quality Tourism", "Maître Restaurateur" and "Member of the Culinary College of France", Le Clocher his distinguished itself out as an essential table in the region.

And Le Clocher, was just awarded the distinction of having one of the 100 best cellars in France! It has been a long way getting there, but Bruno Colomb and his dedicated staff have made it! Le Clocher is a restaurant serving traditional food, and in the summer, the terrace outside is particularly lovely, adjoined by a place where the locals meet to play pétanque.