9/11 another opportunity to rally to a new beginning

14 September 2011

It has been ten years now since the awful attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. The 9/11 incident on the World Trade Center has affected everyone in one way or another. Realizing the negative aspects it has had in our country and our people is only half of the story. The other half is the positive aspects that have been brought to the people after this event. Trust to our own country went downhill, hours after the major attacks happened. The public became insecure after our country’s infrastructure had failed. In a national levels point of view, some of the major world markets had plummeted and that scared the people too. Like I mentioned above the insecurity of the people was the main factor causing market failures worldwide. The public did not want to invest but rather keep their money close, where it could be used as they needed it. As the situation became more public the people knew they were the ones causing the market failure but also, they were the ones who had to solve it.

On the positive side, the people became stronger knowing that their country had been attacked and needed to keep their head up. This means showing no weakness towards those who made this day occur ten years ago. Security increased tremendously, the air transit industry made some drastic changes on ground and in the air. Meaning that traveling would become more secure, something that should have been implemented before this day occurred. As the public became aware of the security changes, they also began to change and started investing again. Markets worldwide would start to pick and trading would happen, boosting confidence along with money security. This day ten years ago brought to our eyes the worst in people. In the end it made them stronger, wiser and more secure about their investments. The economy was bad ten years ago but now it is better, all it takes is confidence in your country and in yourself to succeed from the worst.